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Li Quan Khoo  |
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Professional experience
Research Software Development Engineer - Ocean 5 Technologies Singapore
2017 - present
  • Overhauled a controller for underwater robots. I designed and implemented a distributed messaging and control system using off-the-shelf components, to support autonomous vehicles and piloting capabilities from the shore, instead of a support vessel.
  • Working with electrical and mechanical engineers, I developed a controller for a tractor-drill combine, to make certain types of rocky terrain feasible for agriculture.
  • Currently developing a model for a heave (vertical wave motion) compensator, based on windowed Fourier and Kalman filtering.
Embedded systems • distributed systems and messaging • statistical modelling
R&D Scientist - Digital:MR

Feasibility study on sentiment analysis of images in social media, funded by a research grant from the UK government's technology strategy board. Starting from the Yfcc100m and YLI datasets comprised of 100 million images, labels, and metadata, I investigated both novel and existing methods and developed a commercial product, which has since evolved to be based on convolutional neural nets.

Supervised learning • imaging
Research Intern - Microsoft Research Cambridge

Research internship through the Bright Minds Intern Competition programme in the Machine Learning and Perception research group, working with Principal / Senior Researchers Pushmeet Kohli, Yoram Bachrach, Ulrich Paquet, and Filip Radlinski.

I worked on Project SmartFence - an application for web access control. Users block or allow a few sites they know about, and SmartFence automatically infers the suitability of the rest of the web. We developed several different cluster/kernel-based models and visualization schemes. The final model generates a high dimensional embedding of websites from search sessions (think associated filtering). I delivered a prototype for the OneWeek company-wide hackathon, and a patent was applied for.

Unsupervised learning • information retrieval
Founding Developer -

Internship with UniEntry to develop a pilot site to help sixth form students find the right university. Developed a platform that filters information from the UK's Higher Education Statistics Agency and gives recommendations based on students' registered information and grades.

Web development • agile
Stanford University (Center for Professional Development) - Graduate Certificate in AI
2017 - present
  • CS234 Reinforcement Learning (Winter 2019) GPA 4.0
  • CS231n Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition (Spring 2017) GPA 3.7 - Capstone: Bounding out-of-sample objects
University College London - MEng Computer Science, First Class Honours
2011 - 2015
Imperial College London - School of Medicine - MBBS Medicine
2009 - 2011
  • I studied principles of anatomy, physiology, cellular pathways etc. Withdrew in second year to transition to computer science
Concord College, Shrewsbury - GCE A levels (Pre-A*) - AAAAab
2008 - 2009
  • Outstanding Student of the Year 2008 - Double award (Chemistry, Music) | Most imaginative hovercraft design
C / C++
Academic interests

I am interested in all forms of data-driven decision-making, especially when there is a direct impact on quality of life or productivity, e.g. imaging and natural language systems, assistive technologies, robotics, or medical applications. I value simplicity, clarity, and the ability to adapt and learn, in both systems and people.

Machine learning
Neural networks
Reinforcement learning
Control theory
Spoken languages and personal interests