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I am applying to the 18 month pilot for three main reasons:

1. The opportunity to complete a thesis

My slant towards research makes this a very appealing option. Moreover, assuming the IAP subject 6.S915 (Predicting with Time Series Data at Scale) gets repeated this year, I would have the resources to tackle the topic of interest. I want to investigate whether nonparametric methods or general computational models, which make different assumptions about data, could be applied to improve decision making and risk management in finance as a complement to traditional financial models. The most I have learned by far is during academic and industrial research projects, hence I value such opportunities very highly indeed.

2. Marginal utility of the internship

Given that most of my professional experience is in technology, the three months of internship would have very high impact in terms of working experience in finance. It would also be an opportunity for me to contribute my knowledge of both finance and engineering in industry.

3. Additional flexibility for courses

Given a second fall term, I could delegate subjects such as 15.440 (Advanced Financial Economics I) out of a crowded first fall term and take subjects with a prerequisite only taught in spring or fall. It also allows additional time for electives such as 15.093 (Optimization Methods) that I cannot realistically fit into three terms.

Thank you for your kind consideration.