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Li Quan Khoo  |
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Stanford Center for Professional Development - Graduate Certificate in AI
2017 - present
  • CS231n Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition (Spring 2017) - Capstone: Bounding out-of-sample objects
  • CS234 Reinforcement Learning (Winter 2019) - ongoing
University College London - MEng Computer Science, First Class Honours
2011 - 2015
Imperial College London - School of Medicine - MBBS Medicine
2009 - 2011
  • Studied principles of anatomy, physiology, etc. Withdrew in second year to transition to computer science
Concord College, Shrewsbury - GCE A levels (Pre-A*) - AAAAab
2008 - 2009
  • Outstanding Student of the Year 2008 - Double award (Chemistry, Music) | Most imaginative hovercraft design
Professional experience
Research Software Development Engineer - Ocean 5 Technologies
March 2017 - present

Development of a command, control and analytics platform for fleets of GPS-and-sensor-equipped agricultural vehicles to be deployed in remote locations with unreliable internet access. Part of a government initiative to improve accountability and yield through technology and data. I work closely with electrical and mechanical engineers, and I am responsible for developing communication protocols and end-to-end systems development, hence my work spans from writing embedded C for microprocessors all the way to the Python backend and web UI.

R&D Scientist - Digital:MR
May 2015 - August 2015

Feasibility study on sentiment analysis of images in social media, funded by a research grant from the UK government's technology strategy board. Starting from the Yfcc100m and YLI datasets comprised of 100 million images, labels, and metadata, I investigated both novel and existing methods and developed a commercial product, that has since evolved to be based on convolutional neural nets.

Research Intern - Microsoft Research Cambridge
May 2014 - August 2014

Research internship through the Bright Minds Intern Competition programme in the Machine Learning and Perception research group, working with Principal / Senior Researchers Pushmeet Kohli, Yoram Bachrach, Ulrich Paquet, and Filip Radlinski.

I worked on Project SmartFence - an application for web access control. Users block or allow the few sites they know about and SmartFence infers the suitability for the rest of the web. We developed several different cluster/kernel-based models and visualization schemes. The final model generates a high dimensional embedding of websites from search sessions (think associated filtering) and I delivered a prototype for the OneWeek company-wide hackathon. A patent was applied for.

Founding Developer -
June 2013 - 2014

Internship with UniEntry to develop a pilot site to help sixth form students find the right university. Developed a platform that filters information from the UK's Higher Education Statistics Agency and gives recommendations based on students' registered information and grades.

Academic interests

I am most interested in data-driven decision-making, especially when they directly improve quality of life, e.g. imaging and natural language systems, assistive technologies, robotics, or medical applications. I value simplicity, humility, and the ability to adapt and learn.

Machine learning
Neural networks
Reinforcement learning
Time series
Spoken languages and personal interests